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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Big Brother 14 Cast Revealed, Live Feeds Coming Soon

It looks like the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds will be pretty exciting this season. We have a new commercial that reveals the names and takes a look at the NEW houseguests this season. I emphasize NEW because the rumors going around claim that, yes, we are going to have some previous contestants back to mentor the Big Brother 14 cast. I think this will all make for exciting live feed viewing action, including the fact that we have a Playmate in the house, some other model-types, and a member of a reality show family- Not the Kardashians, but a family who participates in reality show contests and has earned some notoriety in the genre.

Check out the Big Brother cast and be sure to subscribe to the Big Brother live Feeds, because you won't want to miss these firebrands and sexpots this season:

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