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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Brother Early Bird Special Season 13 Live Feeds Info

Season 13 is almost here, which means another season of Big Brother Live Feeds subscriptions and online discounts. Real Networks always offers an "Early Bird Special." That means if you subscribe early to their live feed access, you will get a much better deal than if you signup later.

I know that sometimes ( especially on websites) limited time only specials are tricks to get people to buy something, and the sales are perpetual. This has not been the case with the Big Brother Feeds. They always raise the prices after the season starts and the later season and monthly subscription fees are much higher. The Big Brother Blog has some information on Big Brother 13 Early Bird Special on this post.

It looks like we have around a week to go until Real allows access to this season's feeds with a $29.99 charge for the whole season. If things go like they have the last several summers, this price will be raised to $39.99 once the early bird special expires. We will keep you updated.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where to Follow Big Brother 13 Updates this Summer

There are several websites and social media spaces to follow Big Brither 13 this summer.
They include:

Blogs: Big Brother 13, Follow Big Brother 13 action at the Big Brother Fans Blog. I've been reading the BB Fans blog for probably the last 3-4 seasons. They always have good updates.

Twitter: Big Brother 13 Fans on Twitter
Facebook: Big Brother Fans Blog on Facebook

Big Brother Live Feeds: This blog is about the live uncensored feeds of Big Brother house action. There are a couple webpages up that are dedicated 100% to deals on the live feeds from RealPass. For example: Big Brother 13 Live Feeds and Live Big Brother House Action Uncensored. They always have early bird specials and deals on the live feed subscriptions and link to blogs that do some live blogging and BB episode recaps.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Big Brother 13 Coming Summer 2011

Get ready for another summer filled with Big Brother action. The Summer of 2011 brings us the 13th installment of Big Brother in the US. We will be blogging this reality show and bringing you details of action that you won't see on the tv show.

Join us for Live Feeds of Big Brother 13 coming soon in Summer 2011. See you then!